Poultry Science

Poultry science majors study histology, nutrition, genetics, processing, business, marketing and management for the poultry industry. There are a variety of employers seeing out poultry science majors for numerous careers in this exciting and relevant field. This major even has 100 percent job placement.

Avian Biology

Avian biology provides training in basic and applied sciences with a strong foundation in general biology and chemistry. Graduates may work in the poultry industry, or with companion or game birds. This coursework prepares graduates for professional programs and graduate school.

Biological Science

Students can take a variety of courses that range across human, animal, plant, cellular, molecular, and general biology, as well as genetics, biochemistry, chemistry and ecology. Graduates are prepared for graduate or professional programs and a variety of research careers.

Animal Health

Animal health is designed specifically for pre-vet majors. It includes all of the pre-requisite courses required for admission to vet school, as well as animal and poultry science courses.

Double Dawg Degree Program

Students now have the opportunity to earn their Undergraduate and Masters degree at the same time in a five-year time frame! To learn more, click the link above.

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Transfer Information - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Interested in transferring from ABAC to UGA to pursue a BSA in Poultry Science, Avian Biology, Biological Science, or Animal Health? We can help!

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Transfer Agreement - University of North Georgia

Interested in transferring from UNG's Gainesville Campus to UGA to pursue a BSA in Poultry Science? We can help! 

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