Poultry Housing Tips

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The UGA Poultry House Environmental Management and Energy Conservation website contains over 300 newsletters, articles, publications, hundreds of photos and videos, and spreadsheets to help educate poultry producers on how to produce healthy birds throughout the year while at the same time keeping operating costs to a minimum.

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Poultry housing topics include:

Air inlets
Air speed and bird cooling
Alternative energy
Ammonia control
Attic inlets
Poultry health
Broiler - Breeders
Circulation fans
Cold weather management
Poultry house electrical systems/maintenance
Poultry house energy conservation
Poultry house environmental controllers
Environmental monitoring
Evaporative cooling
Poultry house emissions

Poultry house exhaust fan selection, operating and maintenance
Poultry house heating systems
Hot weather management
Poultry house construction
Poultry house insulation
Poultry house lighting
Poultry house litter quality
Poultry house maintenance
Minimum ventilation during cold weather
Negative pressure ventilation
Pest control in poultry houses
Poultry house tightness
Tunnel ventilation
Poultry water consumption and quality