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Maintaining Good Egg Quality: A Guide for Small Producers
(C 1230)
The quality of an egg involves both the exterior and interior qualities of the egg. Egg quality includes the cleanliness of the shell, soundness of the shell, thickness of the albumen, and color of the yolk. Good egg quality is critical to maintaining the hatching potential of eggs, as improper handling or storage of eggs will reduce the ability of the eggs to hatch and produce good quality chicks. For table eggs, improper handling and storage of eggs will reduce the grade of the eggs and could pose a potential health hazard.
Guidelines for Prospective Contract Hatching Egg Producers
(B 1214)
Producing more than 8 billion pounds of chicken meat requires the support of hatching egg producers. Hatching egg production is a very different business from broiler meat production, as it requires different management skills and greater labor commitments. Because of the uniqueness of the hatching egg business and the long-term investment demands for an operator, it is important that prospective producers understand the managerial and financial requirements before committing to this enterprise. The information in this publication should help those considering hatching egg production as a new enterprise.
Land Application of Livestock and Poultry Manure
(C 826)
This publication provides information on (1) the nutrient content of manures available for land application, (2) how to determine manure application rates and whether supplemental fertilizer will be needed for maximum crop production and (3) how to use management techniques to maximize the fertilization potential of farm manures.
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