Birds in Our Lives, POUL 1010E

Birds in Our Lives is an online course that introduces students to the fascinating world of avian biology and aviculture by examining birds' relationships with humans. By learning about domesticated avian species such as parrots, pigeons, birds of prey, and chickens, students will gain an appreciation of the roles that birds play in human lives as pets, as animals of vital economic importance, as origins of scientific discovery, and as sources of entertainment through hobbies such as falconry and homing pigeon racing. Students will also recognize that basic scientific theories and principles pertaining to avian biology also have direct applications and relevance to understanding mammalian species. This course will be taught entirely online.

Previous Student Evaluations of POUL 1010E:

(When asked what course elements were useful and should be kept)

"The instructors are very knowledgeable and their book is straight forward and easy to understand for students who are not familiar with birds."

"The teachers did a phenomenal job of staying in touch. I felt like they helped me out if I ever needed it very quickly."

“The instructors were good about always having videos and supplemental sources available to better understand the topics.”

“I liked how easy it was to  access this course even from my phone.  I had a couple of issues with noise occurring during my exam, but the teacher was GREAT at responding in a timely manner and accommodating my needs.  The structure was organized and easy to follow.  I would definitely take another class with this teacher.”

“The checklist feature was helpful in making it easy to understand what I needed to accomplish throughout the course, and the easy quizzes took some of the pressure off and made it easy to learn for the exams.”

“The choice to have an online textbook was nice- it made the course more convenient and easier to navigate.  I liked all the videos and video lectures in addition to the reading because it made the course more engaging, rather than only reading from a textbook.”

“Also, my professors always sent out reminders when something was due, and when I needed to get in touch with one of my professors they would respond back very soon.”

“I just wanted to let both of you know that I really enjoyed your class. Birds have always been animals of interest to me and now I feel that I have a good base of knowledge about them. I think the online class was set up really well, especially considering it was only about 7 weeks long. I work 50+ hours a week, but was still able to get the assignments and examinations done without a hitch. I wish y'all the best in your future teaching endeavors.”