POUL Internship Application & Registration

Students may receive credit for an internship working with an organization or an employer. Approved internship experiences are meant to provide students with real world experiences and learning opportunties related to their major that support their academic and career goals. To receive credit, students must:

  1. Complete the internship application by deadline and be approved
  2. Get a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on file prior to registering for POUL 3910
  3. Register for POUL 3910
  4. Complete the duration of the internship, working 45 hours per credit hour for a total of 135 hours
  5. Complete and submit all assignments in eLC by the deadlines
  6. Receive written evaluation from supervisor to be submitted to Dr. Nada Tamim ( using the evaluation form
If you are interested in receiving credit for an internship, follow the registration steps highlighted below. Pay special attention to the deadlines in each section!
Once you identify where you want to intern, complete the online internship application found HERE. and send an email to Dr. Tamim ( that you have submitted the application. Your application will be reviewed and once approved, you will receive an email from Dr. Tamim with the next steps.
Application Deadlines:
  • Summer Internships
    • Completed Application Due MAY 1
  • Fall Internships
    • Completed Application Due AUGUST 1
  • Spring Internships
    • Completed Application Due NOVEMBER 1
If you missed the deadline to apply, you may submit a petition explaining where the internship is and the reason for missing the deadline. You may email your petition to Dr. Nada Tamim ( If approved, you will be instructed to fill out an application.
The University of Georgia Office of Legal Affairs requires that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be signed by UGA and the organization where a student will be conducting an internship to be kept on record before a student can be given permission by department to register for an internship and also before the student can begin working in their internship position. An MOU must be completed and signed by your internship contact and routed through all the appropriate UGA channels and offices which can take up to four weeks or more, so start early!
When you receive the approval email, you will be notified if an MOU with the organization is on record or if you need to get one signed. If there is not one on record, you need to fill out the form and email it to your internship contact. Once your MOU has been signed, email it to Dr. Nada Tamim ( for routing through the university channels.
Signed MOU Deadlines:
  • Summer Internships
    • Signed MOU Due MAY 15
  • Fall Internships
    • Signed MOU Due AUGUST 15
  • Spring Internships
    • Signed MOU Due NOVEMBER 15
Once the MOU has completed the routing process and been approved by the UGA Office of Legal Affairs, you will receive an email indicating that you are cleared to register for your internship. At this time, you may add POUL 3910 to your schedule.
Once you register, you will have access to the Internship eLC site with information and details on internship assignments and deadlines.

For assistance, please contact:

Nada Tamim Lecturer
Poultry Science