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Eddy-Jean Etienne working in the Agricultural & Environmental Services Lab in Athens. CAES News
High-tech help for Haiti's farmers
Haitian farmers have toiled for more than a century to grow crops in the nation’s notoriously ravaged farmlands. A new soil-testing lab, scheduled to open in June, should help farmers in Haiti improve their yields.
Drought in Georgia
Extreme drought conditions now cover most of Georgia south of the mountains. Extreme drought is the next-to-highest drought category. All counties in Georgia are now classified as being in moderate, severe or extreme drought.
Debris litters the ground and a partial foundation is all that remains where a mobile home once stood in the unincorporated area of Rio in Spalding County, Ga. A tornado hit the area in the early hours of April 28, 2011. CAES News
Food Safety
When severe weather threatens, preparing before the storm hits can help you keep your food and water safe.
Roofs and walls were blown from masonary block cabins at Pirkle Campground in Spalding County, Ga., by a tornado that struck the area on May 28, 2011. CAES News
Hurricane resources
For information on how to prepare for severe weather, look into these resources.
Hurricane damage to vehicle and home CAES News
Stormy Weather
The probability of Georgia being directly hit by a hurricane in any given year is low. Regardless, Georgians should prepare just in case says the state’s climatologist.
J. Scott Angle, dean and director, UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. CAES News
Georgia drought deepens
After breathing a sigh of relief for the past few years, many Georgians are once again facing extreme drought conditions, which threaten to intensify during the summer.
Hurricane damage to vehicle and home CAES News
Hurricane highlights
Remnants of three September hurricanes that ravaged Florida brought areas in Georgia up to 8 inches of rain and 58 mile-per-hour winds, according to data collected by the University of Georgia.