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Southern Mole Cricket CAES News
Tiny turfgrass tunnelers
Adult mole crickets spend winter underground. When temperatures warm, they emerge, feed and mate. Their flights begin in March and continue through June when their numbers, and damage, in an area can increase quickly.
Freshly ground woodchips CAES News
Successful landscaping
Think like a plant. Would you like your feet strapped to a cage, your arms amputated, be buried alive in compost, smothered in mulch or drowned? To avoid some tree, shrub, flower and lawn problems, remember this Top 10 list:
A family of armadillos huddles near the entrance of a burrow. CAES News
Armadillo damage
Is your landscape being damaged during the night by an armadillo? Armadillos damage lawns by burrowing and digging in search of food. It is amazing how much destruction just one armadillo can do in just one night.
UGA experts to train landscape pros
A University of Georgia workshop - Between the Flowers and the Gardeners - set for June 15 in Athens, Ga., will help professional landscapers better serve home gardeners. It will be held from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the Athens Trial Gardens on the UGA campus.
"Your Southern Garden" host Walter Reeves. CAES News
Your Southern Garden
Learn about pruning trees and azaleas, and all about honeybees on "Your Southern Garden" with Walter Reeves April 16 at noon and 6:30 p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting.
A push lawn mower CAES News
Schedule lawn care
Every year, local county Extension offices receive hundreds of phone calls from homeowners with questions about when to do this or that to their lawns. When do I fertilize? When do I plant grass seed? When do I core aerate? When do I apply pre-emergent herbicides?
"Your Southern Garden" host Walter Reeves. CAES News
Your Southern Garden
“Your Southern Garden” with Walter Reeves, a regional educational television show, will start its 2011 season April 2, just in time to get Southern gardeners geared up and ready for spring planting.
Jenny Hardgrave of Simply Flowers Inc. and her crew add pansy color to a flower bed at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Ga. CAES News
Commercial landscapers will benefit
Commercial landscapers who want to know more about landscape management should take a class offered April 1 on the University of Georgia campus in Griffin, Ga.
Tomato plants in pots at various sizes CAES News
Gardening classes
A series of free gardening classes offered by Spalding County Extension will be presented in February and March at the University of Georgia Research and Education Garden in Griffin, Ga.
A garden hoe lies in a pile of fresh compost. CAES News
Gardener gifts
Newspapers are filled with holiday ads. Wrapping paper and decorations line department store shelves. The holiday will soon be here. If your gift-giving list includes a gardener, take some advice from a few of Georgia’s most experienced gardeners.