Archived Poultry Tips

Backyard Flock Tips

New Opportunities for Small Flock Producers (May 15)
Starting Your Backyard Flock with Mail-Order Chicks (Nov 10)
Backyard Flock Tip: How will I know that my birds are sick? (Sep 10)
Housing and Confinement for Backyard Flock(Jan 10)
Frequently Asked Questions About Backyard Flocks (Mar 10)
Backyard Flock Tip: Controlling Poultry Lice and Mites (May 10)
Which Breed of Chicken Should I Put in My Backyard Flock? (Jan 09)
A Few Basic Points About Protein (Mar 09)
Controlling Broodiness in Backyard Flocks (May 09)
New Opportunities for Small Flock Poultry Producers (Jul 09)
Water: Poultry Health's Most Overlooked Nutrient (Nov 09)
Which Feed Does My Flock Need? (Jan 08)
Behavior of Backyard Flock Part II (Mar 08)
Vitamins and Minerals Important to Poultry (May 08)
Choosing the Best Breed for Your Backyard Flock 
(Jul 08)
Marketing Eggs From the Backyard Flock (Sep 08)
Maintaining Egg Quality (Nov 08)
Feeding the Backyard Flock in Cold Weather (Jan 07)
Lighting Programs for Backyard Egg Production (Mar 07)
Behavior of Backyard Flocks (May 07)

Bio-Security and Beyond (Jul 07)
Egg Laying Behavior (Sep 07)
Feather Loss in Chickens (Nov 07)
Diagnosing Poultry Diseases (Jan 06)
Managing Ducks for Egg Production (Mar 06)
Links for Successful Backyard Chicken Flocks (Jul 06)
Backyard Biosecurity (Sep 06)
Backyard Biosecurity (Nov 06)
The Right Feed for the Right Birds (Jan 05)
Maintaining Hatching Egg Quality (Mar 05)
Vaccination Guide for the Small Poultry Flock (Jul 05)
Several Reasons why your Hens may Stop Laying Eggs (Sep 05)
Threat of Bird Flu Warrants Due Vigilance (Nov 05)
My Flock's Health is in Question: What Should I Do? (Nov 04)

Maintaining Egg Quality (Jan 04)
Alternatives to Soybean Meal (May 04)
Building An Incubator (Jul 04)
Small Flock Owners Have an Opportunity to Help Protect the Health of the Nation's Poultry (Sep 04)
Factors Influencing Feather Loss in Bobwhite Quail (Jan 03)
Poultry In The Nuclear Age (mar 03)
Feed Removal Before Home Processing (May 03)
Candling Eggs to Determine Fertility and Incubation Problems (Jul 03)
Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) (Sep 03)
Make Sure Ammonia Levels Do Not Harm your Flock this Winter (Nov 03)

Broiler Tips

Integrated Pest Management for Broiler Houses (May 11)
Comparing Utility Costs for Georgia Broiler Growers (Mar 11)
Poultry Related Information on the Internet (Jan 11)
Management Procedures to Reduce Infectious Process (IP) (Jan 10)
New House Costs and Cash Flow Estimates (Mar 10)
Broiler Tip: Darkling Beetles in Broiler Houses (May 10)
Factors to Consider when Transitioning Broilers from Half House to Full House (Nov 10)
Getting Chicks off to a Good Start (Jan 09)
Why Use Litter Treatments? (May 09)
Considerations in Poultry Drinker Line Management (Jul 09)
The Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Poultry Feeds (May 08)

Composting Daily Mortality (Sep 08)
Litter Management During VLT Outbreak (Jan 07)
Ethanol Production and Corn Prices (Mar 07)
Keeping Birds Cool in Hot Weather (May 07)
Leg Problems In Broilers (Jul 07)
Utilizing Lighting Programs in Broiler Production (Sep 07)
The Effect of Cool Temperature on Broiler Performance (Jan 06)
The Value of Poultry Litter (Mar 06)
Georgia's Program for Responding to Low Path Avian Influenza (May 06)
Biofilms in Poultry Drinking Systems (Jul 06)
Physical Security for Farms (Nov 06)
Broiler Stocking Density (Jan 05)
EPA Air Consent Agreement for Animal Feeding Operations: A Poultry Perspective (May 05)
Keeping Broilers Cool During Hot Weather (Jul 05)
Minimizing Neighbor Complaints (Nov 05)
Orange/Red Condition: What Does it Mean for Poultry Operations? (Jan 04)
FDA Proposes Litter Feeding Ban (Mar 04)
Georgia's Phosphorous Index for Broiler Operations (May 04)
House Fly Control Strategies That Can Prevent Problems Down the Road (JUl 04)
NPDES Permit Required for Poultry House (Nov 04)
Importance of Adequate Ventilation on Air Quality During Cold Weather (Jan 03)
Nutrient Management Plan Update (Mar 03)
Low Nipple Flow Rates: Poor Broiler Performance (May 03)
Iron Concentration in Broiler Drinking Water: Does it Affect Bird Performance? (Jul 03)
Treating Wet Litter and Floors in Poultry Houses (Sep 03)
Economic Evaluation of Purchasing Propane Gas as "Tanker" Loads (Nov 03)

Commercial Egg Tips

Importance of Grit Removal from Shell Egg Processing Wastewater (Jan 12)
Basics of the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Wastewater Analytical Test (Sept 11)
Ethanol Production and Feed Ingredient Prices Update (May 11)
A Brief Look at Different Housing Systems for Commercial Layers (Nov 10)
Commercial Egg Tip: Iron and Iron Bacteria in Egg Processing Well Water (Sep 10)
Effect of Feed Costs on Egg Costs (Mar 09)
Decrease Your Water Use and Increase Your Bottom Line (Sep 09)
Important Nutritional Diseases That Affect Laying Hens (Nov 09)
Frequently Asked Questions About the Egg (Jan 08)
Biosecurity. Do You Need to go to a Higher Level? (Mar 08)
Difficult Phosphate Situation (May 08)
A Non-Invasive Method To Monitor Bone Weakness In Commercial Laying Hens (Jul 08)
Alternative Feed Ingredients: An Option to Combat High Feed Prices? (Sep 08)
Depopulation Methods for Commercial Layer Flocks: Part 2 (Jan 07)
The Challenge of Improving the Energy of DDGS (May 07)
The Commercial Egg Industry Should Consider Controlled Atmosphere Stunning for Spent Hens (Jul 07)
Addressing the Cage System (Sep 07)
Avian Influenza Facts (Jan 06)
What is the National Animal Identification System? (Mar 06)
Pearl Millet for Layers: A New Opportunity (May 06)
Responds Plans for Avian Influenza (Jul 06)
Depopulation Methods for a Commercial Layer Flock: Part 1 (Sep 06)
Biofuels and Poultry Production (Nov 06)
Tis the Season for Ammonia, ...In High-Rise Layer Houses (Jan 05)
Enzymes for Poultry Feed: Yes or No (Mar 05)
Can In-House Composting Reduce Flies in High-Rise Layer Houses? (May 05)
NPDES Permit Requirements and Application Deadlines (Jul 05)
How to Save Money on Poultry Feed (Sep 05)
Some Good News About Non-Feed Withdrawal Molting (Nov 05)
Ammonia in Commercial Layer Houses (Jan 04)
Better Understanding of the Nutritional Value of DDGS (Mar 04)
Georgia's Phosphorous Index for Layer Operations (May 04)
In-House Ammonia Control will be Critical for High Rise Layer Houses (Jul 04)
Full Feed Molting of Laying Hens (Sep 04)
NPDES Permit Required for Poultry House Construction (Nov 04)
A "New" Ingredient for Layers (Jan 03)
An Increased Animal Welfare Commitment Requires A Raised Conscience (Mar 03)
Federal CAFO Rules for High Rise Layer Operations (May 03)

Peanut Meal for Layers (Jul 03)
Bone Quality Must be Protected While Laying Hens are Still Young (Sep 03)
Checklist for Effective Poultry House Cleanout (Nov 03)

Hatchery/Breeder Tips

Natural Mating and Fertilization (Jan 09)
Predicting Chick Quality: Which is Best - Chick Length or Hatch Day Body Weight? (Sep 07)
Infrared Photography is an Excellent Incubation Tool (Jan 06)
Results from a Study of Single Stage vs Multistage Incubation in a Georgia Hatchery (Sep 06)
Steam Humidification for Hatcheries (Jan 05)
Chick Quality: An Update (May 05)
The Hatching Egg's Natural Defense Against Contamination (Jan 04)
Egg Holding: Don't Sweat It (May 04)
Nest Habits of Broiler Breeder Hens (Jul 04)
Impact of New Hatchery Equipment on Chick Well Being (Sep 04)
Feeding Breeders, Theory and Practical Application (Jan 03)
Egg Removal Systems May Improve Hatchery Airflow Performance, Hatchability and Chick Quality (Mar 03)
UGA Research Update (Jul 03)
Air Requirements During Incubation (Sep 03)

Processing Tips

Basics of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Wastewater Analytical Test (May 11)
Environmental Impact of Water-Flume Transport of Poultry Processing By-Products (Jan 11)
Control of Salmonella in Breeder Chickens, Part I (Jul 10)
Control of Salmonella in Breeder Chickens, Part II (Nov 10)
Reducing Process Wastewater Loading by Increasing Bleed Time (May 10)
Water Conservation Makes Sense, But Where to Start in My Processing Plant? (Jan 10)
Understanding Water and Sewer Rates and Rate Structures in Georgia (Jan 09)
Salmonella Intervention Strategies and Testing Methods Differ Greatly Between The U.S. and Europe - What are the Implications? (Mar 09)
Back to Basics - Revisiting Blood Collection (May 09)
How Well is the Poultry Industry in the U.S. Controlling Salmonella, Campylobacter and Other Bacteria on Raw Poultry? (Nov 09)
Microbiological Testing Changes Proposed by USDA-FSIS (Jul 08)
Early Pre-Harvest Food Safety Issues that Carry Over Into the Plant (Jan 07)
Prevention of Listeria Growth on Fully-Cooked Chicken During Storage (Mar 07)
Will Online Reprocessing Become Extinct? (May 07)
How Can Processors Significantly Improve Processing Yield and Lower Salmonella Without Added Expense? (Jul 07)
Chlorine is Still the Most Popular Sanitizer Poultry Industry (Part 1) (Nov 07)
Post-Chill Dip Tanks are Gaining Popularity (Jan 06)
Fat Recovery from Wastewater (Mar 06)
What are these White Spots on my Boneless, Skinless Breast Fillets and Thighs? (May 06)
Characteristics of Wastewater (Jul 06)
New Concerns About Chlorine Addition to the Chiller (Sep 06)
USDA-Food Safety Inspection Service is Moving to Risk-Based Inspection (Nov 06)
A Possible Reason Why More Plants are Failing the Salmonella Performance Standard (Jan 05)
Determining Plant Efficiency by Measuring Product Loss in Wastewater (Mar 05)
Water Reuse in Poultry Processing Must Now Be Addressed in the HACCP Program (May 05)
Efficient use of Water in Processing can Increase the Profitability of a Processing Plant (Jul 05)
Salmonella Prevalence on Poultry in the U.S. (Sep 05)
A Method for Verifying that an Intervention Step is Working as Part of a HACCP Plan (Nov 05)
Sanitizing Poultry Processing Facilities Using Electrostatic Spraying Decreases the Amount of Sanitzer Needed (Jan 04)
The Use of Alkaline Water to Remove Fecal Material from Chicken Carcasses During Processing (May 04)
Wastewater Analysis to Measure Yield Loss (Jul 04)
Can You Believe They Don't Have Salmonella in Some Parts of the World? (Sep 04)
Breast Meat With Low pH Can Cause Spoilage Problems (Nov 04)
Poultry Health Directly Impacts Food Safety (Jan 03)
The Effect of Copper and Zinc in Litter on Total Daily Maximum Load (TMDL) in Processing Wastewater (Mar 03)
Measuring Product Loss by Wastewater Analysis (Jul 03)
Water Reuse Considerations (Sep 03)