Justin Fowler Assistant Professor Poultry Science
Contact Information jfowl@uga.edu 706-542-5567
Mailing Address Athens, CAES Campus 305 Poultry Science Building, Athens, GA 30602 0000
Shipping Address Athens, CAES Campus 110 Cedar St, Athens, GA 30602 0000

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Portrait of Justin Fowler


Ph.D., Poultry Science, Texas A&M University
B.S., Poultry Science, Texas A&M University

Research Interests

  • In general, finding ways that will allow us to continue to use chickens as a good source of nutrients for people while minimizing the inputs it takes for us to do that. 
  • Specifically, evaluating feeding strategies aimed at improving the efficiency of poultry production, such as looking into the optimal releasing time and doses for things like prebiotics or organic acids, the amelioration of the effects of feeding aflatoxin-contaminated grain, or alternative feed ingredients.
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Selected Publications

1.     Liu, J. and J. Fowler.  (2016).  Effect of inert fillers with changing energy-to-protein ratio on growth performance and energy digestibility in broilers.  Journal of Applied Poultry Research

2.     FeedMix (2016).  Mobile application software by Frenik Marketing Group.  Available for iOS and Android devices.

3.     Fowler, J. (2016).  Feeding Issues for Broiler Breeder Feather Cover.  The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Bulletin #C1096.

4.     Fowler, J. 2015. Nutrition for the Backyard Flock. The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Bulletin #C954.

5.     Fowler, J., W. Li, and C. A. Bailey. 2015. Effects of a calcium bentonite clay in diets containing aflatoxin when measuring liver residues of aflatoxin B1 in starter broiler chicks. Toxins.

6.     Fowler, J., R. Kakani, A. Haq, J. A. Byrd, and C. A. Bailey. 2015. Growth promoting effects of prebiotic yeast cell wall products in starter broilers under an immune stress and Clostridium perfringens challenge. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.

7.     Fowler, J., M. Hashim, A. Haq, and C. A. Bailey. 2015. Yeast cell wall and live yeast products and their combination in broiler diets formulated with weekly ingredient variations. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition.

8.     Fowler, J. and C. A. Bailey. “Aflatoxicosis in Poultry: Remediation with Bentonite Clays” in Aflatoxin Control: Safeguarding Animal Feed with Calcium Smectite. J. B. Dixon, A. L. Barrientos-Velázquez and Y. Deng, Eds. USA: American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America. 2014. 44-53.

9.     Fowler, J., M. Hashim, A. Barrientos-Velazquez, Y. Deng, and C. A. Bailey. 2014. Utilization of a spray-applied calcium bentonite clay to ameliorate the effects of low-levels of aflatoxin in starter broiler diets containing DDGS. Natural Products and Chemistry Research.

10.  Hashim, M., J. Fowler, A. Haq and C. A. Bailey. 2013. Effects of yeast cell wall on early production laying hen performance. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.